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We are deeply connected to the world outside and when we come in back to our homes we try to connect to the virtual world, but in a responsible and creative way. The Insta community is a worldwide inspirational environment for us as artists and as humans. And we like to follow the people and the accounts that will change our daily, professional and personal routines. We come around a lot of information, but the things that caught our eyes scrolling down instagram converge with our artistic and personal views. We like to follow people and profiles that are taking theprofessional work and ethics to another level. And most of all they love what they do, as you will see in their insta pages. They enjoy their art and they create with passion and integrity, with a straight up moral compass. This is how we became more than their page fans.  And we would like to share their work with you, so enjoy it, follow it, consume it, rest on it, get inspired by it and give it all the credits is deserves.

When it comes to music

@apedrums (Sound Boy™). and the official site. We sometimes do our dance warm-ups listening to this vibrant piece. It wakes you up in the morning and gives you the energy you need.

When it comes to art

@performerstuff (website ). On their site you can find a lot of useful things if you want to engage in an international carreer as performing artist.

When it comes to photograhy

@mihailonaca (website). You can also visit his portrait page: @onaca. Mihail is an amazing artist that will make you rethink your views of the world and its beauty. Through his photography, he offers us a unique aestheticvisual experience. He has a sparkling, positive and fun personality, that we invite you to discover while scrolling on his website and Instagram profiles. Clearly, he is one of the most charismatic people that we have come across in our professional artistic journey.

When it comes to performing arts:

@performerstuff (website). On their site you can find a lot of useful things if you want to engage in an international carreer as performing artist.

When it comes to actors:

@larseidinger.  You can find Lars Eidinger on Schaubuehne Ensemble Berlin official’s page.  His instagram profile is a unique looking-through-a- glass type of view of the world.  He is a street walker, a very subtle spectator of the world.

When it comes to dance we like the works of these comtemporary dancers

@miketyus ( dancer / choreographer / founder of  Jacob Jonas Company ) – website. This dancer shares his most recent work and dance films on his profile and he can be a source of inspiration for your daily dances. He dances like the world is watching. And of course, you should too.

When it comes to fashion

@viviennewestwood (website). There are no words needed here. Everyones knows her name and her work in the fashion industry.

When it comes to making it through the day we all like the meme pages:

@classical_art_memes_official (website). If some days are too much to bear and you want to forget about your problems and just have a laugh this is the page to visit.


2604, 2021

Luca Roxana Emilia

By |April 26th, 2021|INTERVIURI|

Luca Roxana-Emilia studiază Practici Curatoriale contemporane și Management Artistic în cadrul UAD Cluj. Roxana e fotograf, designer grafic și fondator al companiei de design Omcuom. Îi place să se implice în producții sustenabile, sociale și să facă artă din ele.

2304, 2021

Dragă CAB

By |April 23rd, 2021|SCRISORI CĂTRE|

Am mizat ca în teatru, pe o situație complexă, profundă, cu cea mai mare miză / Miza era să nu pleci, să rămâi / Sau miza ar fi fost să plec cu tine / O situație limită

2204, 2021

Ileana Ursu

By |April 22nd, 2021|INTERVIURI|

leana Ursu este actriță la Insula Creative Hub și scriitoare. A absolvit Facultatea de Teatru și Film din Cluj-Napoca. Debutul literar l-a avut în anul 2012 și îi puteți citi poeziile pe blogul personal ”De amoru’ artei”. Dacă vi se pare că o cunoașteți de undeva, este pentru că a luat premiul pentru cea mai bună actriță (Premiul publicului) la Gala HOP în 2020. Iată de ce am invitat-o la o discuție despre teatru și poezie.